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Login To Your PC Using Face Recognition System.!!

Do you get bored to select your username and then enter a password to every time you login? Not in old versions of windows but also in newly Windows 7. Why has there not been a built-in Windows feature to change the way of users login to Windows? 

Here you need Luxand Blink! Pro.

 Every new version of Windows brings improvements over its previous versions like interface, desktop customization, handling files, or security but why the Welcome Screen and the way users login still unchanged. Don't worry we've an alternative to traditional Windows login which known as Luxand Blink. It provides its users with a different way i.e. through facial recognition to login to Windows.

 Luxand Blink starts running after the computer starts up but before it has logged on to any account. We can then look into the webcam and have our face recognized by the application. It uses its advance image recognition algorithms to recognize our face. Such is the competence of this application, that whether the lighting is different or our hair are different, Luxand Blink will still recognize our face and log us in.

 Blink! Pro makes logging into Windows happen in a blink of an eye. Just look into a webcam, and Blink! Pro will identify your face and let you in instantly. It has never been easier! Blink! Pro employs advanced biometric identification technologies to ensure secure near-instantaneous authentication.
Adaptive Face Identification: Blink! Pro comes equipped with identification techniques that adapt to varying lighting conditions, and can tolerate a wide range of changes in the appearance of a person. Tungsten and fluorescent lighting, makeup and new haircuts, beards and moustaches, glasses and contacts are among the many things that are easily tolerated.

Secure Authentication: Biometric user authentication is considered more secure than old-fashioned logins and passwords. While passwords of reasonably secure length are hard to remember and end up on yellow sticky notes, face-based biometric authentication is nearly infallible. In addition to the added security of biometric login, Blink! Pro offers corporate users the ability to record who logs into Windows and when, regardless of whether password-based or biometric authentication has been used. Each record is accompanied by a webcam snapshot, allowing combating identity theft and identifying compromised Windows accounts. In addition, Blink! Pro offers the ability to continuously monitor whether the registered user or anybody at all is present in front of a PC, locking access if nobody is there for a defined period of time.
More Is Coming: Blink! Pro is an innovative product undergoing constant development and development. More features are coming in the near future, including the ability to register multiple faces for sharing a single Windows account, and support for completely unobtrusive background operation.

Supported OS: Windows Vista and 7.

Free Download Link for Luxand Blink! Pro 2.3: (16 MB)
Luxand Blink! Pro 2.3.rar (Link 1)
Luxand Blink! Pro
(Link 2)
Luxand Blink! Pro 2.3.rar
(Link 3)
Luxand Blink! Pro 2.3.rar (Original Setup)

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UCweb newest version.... a real competetor of Opera in Mobile world!!!

Now a days we all know that increasing craze of social networking and most of the people want to always be updated. mostly Opera Mini which supports only in well-known brand phones.. but what about china phones???

This is the biggest solution for China mobiles or any non-popular brand phones. UCWEB gives better features than OPERA-MINI.

Its easy to use . Just Choose your platform of your phone and download appropriate version Such as Android , JAVA(J2Me) , Symbian , Windows etc.

Just Download it from here >>>>>

ENJOY Fast Surfing on Internet Free...!!!!!

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Freeup or clean RAM using Notepad

System speed. Sometimes the process which have executed but are not required by the OS are stored on the RAM. So, we can remove or freeup the RAM with unused jun
k data to Speedup the System or processing speed.
We can clean the RAM just by using a Notepad application. This donot require any advanced software. The process to do so is as follows.

Open Notepad

save it as “CleanRAM.vbs” on desktop
Note: Type the name of file along with inverted commas
Run the file and your RAM may be free.
Of course you can edit the code in the file for a greater “cleaning-progress”.
For example:

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Iphone Screen Taking Care Tips

Although Iphone is promised to be made of very hard glass which is promised to be much harder than the fixed glass, still, glass is a glass and it can be scratched/kaput or get worn.
Consequently compelling care of your iphone screen is very crucial.

1.Try to buy a case which will protect your iphone screen. Even though most of the screens might not in fact cover your iphone screen, still, the parts of the case which stab out will in fact assure that when you do drop your iphone, the sticking out part of the case will first hit the disturb a curfew.
2. If you do not like to use any kind of covers, and you do carry your iphone in your pocket then try not to place any sharp objects like care keys in the same pocked in which you usually carry your ipod. This will ensure that your ihpone doesn’t get scratched.
3. And if you carry your ihpone in your back pocket, then place the screen side of your iphone hostile to your your body so that way in case if you forget and do sit on your phone the hard chair which you might sit on will not break your iphone screen.
4. Do not use any sort of glass cleaning cleansers on your ihpone screen in view of the fact that it will increasingly kill your iphone screen in view of the fact that persons cleansers usually contain alcohol in them.
Just try using a dry/wet cloth to sterile your iphone.
Excellent luck on your ihpone screen compelling care!


Top 15 sites for downloading free mobile softwares Legally!!

 Today mobile phones are one of the most important and useful device which is becoming more and more popular day by day. Everyone has a mobile phone in all the corners of the world no matter it is often used for personal use or for a business purpose.  this is being used by each member of the family even some are using more then one or two, it is important to have a useful softwares at a free of cost for different purpuses and i have create here a list of sites which i usally used where you can download all the free mobile phone stuffs according to your choice.

Sites to Download Mobile Softwares for Free

  •  This is the one of the good sites which provides free downoading mobile softwares. the main catagories for mobile user are free themes, free ringtones, free wallpaper, free softwares, free videos, free sms and much more with a best quality. you can get free softwares almost all the mobile phones such as nokia, sony ericson, motorola, htc, voice, blackberry,O2, lg, samsung etc.
  •  this site is very popular in worldwide for downloading free softwares of mobile. the site provides a good quality free softwares of blackberry, windows, iphone, palm, symbain, java, android. you can download here free mobile software about browser, business software, communication, developer tools, digital photo sharing, internet, mp3 & audiom phone security and video softwares.
  • Mobileheart is a site where you can download free games,themes, software,wallpapers,screen savers and sms messages. this site also provides a reviews of the latest models of mobile phones launched in market recently and you can check which mobile phone suites you most.
  • funmaza is site which is offering the nations with entertainment and free downloads in many catagories which is used by a no.of peoples in different countries aross the web. you can download free latest ringtones, videos,softwares, games and newly uploaded themes for your mobile phones.
  • this is the best site for downloading mobile apps.all the softwares are updated here on daily basis and you can download here a latest collection of free mobile softwares and also enjoy the latest games for your mobile. it is the one of the best free apps store for free downloading business, communication, ebooks, entertainment, mp3 & audio, social networking applications.
  • Mobilclub is a site which provides a free downloading softwares, themes,games,music,wallpaper, videos and themes for mobiles.
  • Mobuniverse is a very good site for downloading mobile themes, mobile ringtones and mobile softwares for free of cost. the data base of the site is updated on the daily basis and new collection in themes and ringtones are added. as far as downloading softwares you can also check here reviews of new mobile phone launched in the market recently.
  • Crazy4mobilez is one of the best site which is providing a good quality free mobile softwares with just on one click start. also you don’t need to create an account here just grt what you want free of cost at any time, any place. in this site you can able to download a variety of free mobile softwares, free themes,free unloacking codes,free fonts, free pictures mesages and n series app and themes which is being updated on regular basis.
  • it is also very good site for downloading free mobile stuffs like software, themes, games, wallpaper, screensaver etc. here you can able to download free mobile softwares, screensavers, themes,games, secret codes of  nokia,sony ericson, blackberry, iphone , antivirus, motorola, windows mobile.
  • you can download free mobile softwares, games, secret codes, ring tone, screen savers, themes, unlocker, videos and wallpapers. the site data is updated daily basis which increses the chances for new mobile stuffs.
  • this is the one of the most engaging sites in free mobile downloads and you can download anything relates to nokia, samsung, lg, motorola, iphone, pocket pc. the site has a very awesome type of collection in free mobile software, themes, 3gp videos, tips & tricks, wallpapers and mobile fonts.
  • mobimaza is the site where you can download free mp3 ringtones, polyphonic ringtones, 3gp videos, games applications, themes, secret codes and much more.
  • fsmobilez is a site where you can download nokia free stuff, freebie directory, funny mobilez, mobile themes, symbian softwares and ringtones. you can download jad, jar, six,sisx frmat free mobile games,high quality sceen savers in different resolutions and over 3,000 nokia themes for your mobile phone at free of cost.
  • mobilclub provides a good quality mobile softwares, themes, games, video, music, wallpaper, window mobile software at free of cost.
  • Mobilerated is your free and legal site provider of mobile games,puzzles,trivia,productivity apps and other phone applications at free of cost. you can download free mobile phone games and apps without any registration, spam or subscription.

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Microsoft's free Anti-virus...LIFE-TIME (Full Version)..!!!

 This is free antivirus from the Microsoft Corporation.
Here The Download link is Given for Windows 7.

To install the correct version of the Microsoft Security Essentials virus and spyware definition updates, you must know whether Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 is running in a 32-bit or a 64-bit operating environment. Additionally, you must be logged on to Windows as an administrator. If you are not sure of your Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 environment type, or if you need help verifying that you are an administrator on the computer, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (

After you verify the operating environment, download the appropriate update version of the program. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Download the Microsoft Security Essentials virus and spyware definition update file that is appropriate for your version of Windows: Note You must be running a 64-bit version of Windows to run a 64-bit version of Microsoft Security Essentials. 64-bit versions of Windows include x64-based versions of Windows.
  2. Click Run to install the definition update file immediately. Or, click Save to save the file to the computer. If you click Save, remember the folder where you saved the file.
  3. To install the saved file, follow these steps:
    • On Windows XP:

      Double-click the file, and then click OK.
    • On Windows Vista or on Windows 7:

      Right-click the file, and then click Run As Administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password or click Continue.
  4. When the definition update file runs, a file extraction dialog box appears. The dialog box indicates that the definition update is installing. After the file extraction dialog box closes, you can verify that the virus and spyware definitions have been updated. To do this, open Microsoft Security Essentials, click Update, and then examine the virus and spyware definitions status.

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VLC media player is a highly portable multimedia player
for various audio and video formats as well as DVDs,
VCDs, and various streaming protocols without external
codec or program.

It is most useful to watch TV on your PC, laptop..because it uses the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol).

It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or
multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.

VLC can play: MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 / DivX files from a hard disk, a CD-ROM drive, and so on DVDs, VCDs, and Audio CDs From satellite cards (DVB-S)

Several types of network streams: UDP/RTP Unicast, UDP/RTP Multicast, HTTP, RTSP, MMS, etc. From acquisition or encoding cards (on GNU/Linux and Windows only)

New Upgradetion ::
* Fullscreen mode is fixed on Win32
* Very simple fullscreen controller is visible on Win32
* Update of Slovak, Lithunanian, Russian, Brazillian
Portuguese, Serbian

Still some bugs like playing real media files .rmbv files not fixes. Hope its fixes in next update.

Download new version v1.1.11

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Unlock Your any Mobile phone.....!!! Its a totally free..!!!!

World Unlock Code Calculator v4.4 t10 is a absolutely free application for unlocking mobile phone security code generator calculator. It support variety of mobile phone brands like Nokia, Siemens, Vitel, Maxel, Panasonic, LG, AEG, Samsung, and Motorola mobile phones. Its a free unlocking security code application which you can download for free of cost and get unlock security master code for many popular mobile handset brand.WorldUnlock Codes Calculator is a free utility for Nokia, Siemens, Vitel, Maxel, Panasonic, LG, AEG, Samsung, and Motorola unlock. Includes MasterCode calculator that can reset your Nokia security code if you have lost it.

Here step by step tutorial is given...below

1 ) Install the WCCalculater Software (Download WCCodeCalculator Free)
2 )Then Select the Country from you belongs..

3 ) Then Press the Calculate button to calculate the code for your phone according to your current service provider.

4 )
•. Enter IMEI number of your phone (Press *#06# on 
• Select country and service provider where the phone was bought.
• Hit the button: Calculate!
• The software generate some Nokia unlock codes.
• If 7 codes are displayed, use the code ending with 7 first.
• If it does not work, then try 1, and finaly 5.
• When phone displays "Sim restriction off" it is unlocked.
• If only two codes are displayed ( 1 and 2) enter both of them!

Codes will be shown on the form: #pw CODE n#
To get p, w or , pres the * button several times.

Here are some key features of "WorldUnlock Codes Calculator":
• Unlock Nokia
• Unlock LG
• Unlock Panasonic
• Unlock Maxon
• Unlock Samsung
• Unlock AEG/Telital
• Unlock Alcatel
• Unlock Siemens
• Unlock Sony
• Unlock Vitel

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Use Special browser for Facebook....!!! (Rock Melt)

Nowadays there is increasing craze of social networking with the facebook...we all are very attached to this service . Here Rock Melt browser Gives you best experience with facebook. Rock Melt is Highly Graphical Interfaced and faster browser which is specially designed for FACEBOOK but we can also use TWITTER as well as another websites..


Tricks To Convert Keyboard Into Live Disco

This is a real funny trick with which you can amuse you friends.It doesnot require any programming skills on your part.This trick will make your keyboard LED’s blink like disco lights.This method is based on an a vb script.The blinking of the lights will continue until and unless you stop it.This looks more fascinating in the dark as the keyboard led’s are very small.

OK,now here is the step by step tutorial with screenshots on how to convert your keyboard into Live disco...!!

1.Open notepad.You can open notepad by doing a right click on your desktop and then new->text document.

2.Into the notepad Copy and paste the code below

Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}"

3.Save the file with name disco.vbs
4.Double click on the saved file and your keyboard Led’s will start blinking like disco lights.
5.To stop the disco lights open task manager.You can open task manager by doing a right click on your taskbar and then selecting task manager.

6.Now locate wscript.exe and select it.Click on “ End Process “.6.Now locate wscript.exe and select it.Click on “ End Process " 

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Countdown timer for shutdown Your Computer!!

Many a times people like to sleep on music, but the problem is that the comp will continue running the whole night. Here is how you can create a countdown timer to shutdown your comp in your specified time.

Go to run in start menu and input this command

 shutdown -s -t 3600this will create a countdown timer which will go off in 3600 seconds (1 Hour). you can replace the 3600 to any time limit you want the comp to shutdown ,but remember the time should always be expressed in seconds i.e if u want the comp to shutdown in Half an hour you have to write 1800 and so on...

If you are as lazy as me and don't want to input the command each time, then create a batch file or shortcut
open a notepad and type

shutdown -s -t 3600

now in the files menu select "save as" and save this file as Activate.bat

Just double clicking this file will activate your timer

On the desktop right click and create a new shortcut. in the location type

shutdown -s -t 3600

Give it any name like "Activate timer"
Again, double clicking this newly created shortcut will do the same.


another operator that you can use with this command is -f . this will force a shutdown on system. suppose you want the comp to shutdown as quickly as possible you can give command

shutdown -s -f -t 00

here we have used a -f operator and the delay is set to 0 seconds.

(as we are talking about quick shutdown, u can use command
c:windowssystem32tsshutdn.exe 00 /POWERDOWN /DELAY:00 also)

Any time when you want to stop the running timer use a -a operator(standing for abort)

the command is

shutdown -a

You can use it in any way u prefer, like direct input in run (or command prompt) , create a .bat file or create a shortcut on desktop


shutdown -r (restarting)
shutdown -r -t 3600 (timer for restarting in 1 hour)
shutdown -r -f -t 00 (quick reboot)

This is really working If you have any problem then post your comments here...!!! 

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