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Windows 7(ultimate) Full Version Download with Resume support!

Windows 7 was a standalone package which could be installed on existing operating system. We had to install it separately to upgrade Windows 7 to SP 1though, one could create custom DVD integrating Service Pack 1 with Windows 7 DVD.
Here I am sharing the direct links to download Windows 7 DVD with SP1 hosted on official Servers of Microsoft.

♦ Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 Bootable
♦ Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 Bootable

Specially suited for those lazy ones who want to install Windows integrated with Service Pack 1 without taking manual efforts. The links point to Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 DVD ( 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions). We know that there are other versions of Windows 7 so, if you feel then after installing the Ultimate version- you can downgrade Windows 7 version.
ISO downloaded can be directly burned to DVD and it’s bootable.

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Unlock HUAWEI E1732 idea Netsetter(7.2Mbps) latest updated 2012

       Recently idea has launched 3G huawei USB modem [E-1732]. Which is having max speed of 7.2Mbps but main problem was that can be unlocked using firmware upgrade or downgrade method because its having customized firmware.Although if you have tried all above methods but quite problems still we have to face during unlocking.

      Unlock E-1732 using DC Unlocker but main drawback was its not free it require some Credites but finally i am here with the permanent solution for E1732 which is totally free so go ahead and unlock  your E-1732 which is locked from last few months.

Requirements :~

1) CDMA Workshop (click here to download)  (click on Skip Add. to begin download)

2)E-1732 Downgrader (clik here to download)

Steps you have to Follow

1) First of all download all requirements (you may need to disable your antivirus)
Plug your E1732 with any other operator sim and let it install its driver
Now just Right click on your MY COMPUTER ICON >> PROPERTIES >> DEVICE MANAGER >>Ports (COM & LPT) then you can see there something like HUAWEI Mobile Connect – 3G Application Interface (COM8) then com8 is your systems port number please note the port number
Now Run CDMA WOrkshop.Exe and  Click on Main and select the com port number in COM Settings (AT mode)box.

2)Then You have to click on Connect.

3)Then Click On Read and Let it read your modem information and you can see your modem information on left panel..

4) Now Click on Security Tab >> SPC >> Default (nv_read) as SPC and Type 000000 in blank box and click on spc and you can see the pop up window, click on SEND

5)Now Just Navigate to Memory Tab >> NV Items >> And Click On Read you can see on pop up box now click on OK.
Now you can see onw NV Backup Box now in Last NV Item box type 9999 and click on ok and save it with any name. and it will backup your data let it be complete to 100% . and minimize CDMA Work Shop.

6)Now Run E1732 Downgreder >> Accept Terms and Conation >> Then Click On Next and it will read your modem let it be finish then it will show your modem data then click on Start.

In the process you will get massage like update failure after downloading program. then dont worry and click on OK.
Then Again Come on CDMA Workshop and come on Main Tab and click on Disconnect and unplug your modem.

        Now Again Plug your modem and Run CDMA Workshop and check and select Com port as pr we have done previously

Then come on CDMA wokrshop and Select Com Port and click on Connect and navigate to Memory Tab >> NV ITEMS >> Click On Write >> now you can see one confirm box click on OK. then Click on Open then borwse and select the file which we have saved before.

When the process will reach at 100% you can see success message then click on OK and From Main Tab Disconnect your modem and you are Done.

Warning: Please contact us if you have any difficulties or if you have little technical knowledge. This trick Works perfactly , tested by me on 6 modems of same. so please do not put stupid comments.If you have more knowledge then share here by comments your most welcome.  - HIMS


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Find And Update Missing Windows Drivers Automatically.

Finding the hardware drivers of your windows PC might become very time consuming ,if you are trying to find it manually. Especially when you are working with freshly installed OS on an assembled computer or recently formatted your PC/Laptop. There are many soft wares which provides automatic installation of newest hardware drivers, But most of them are paid software and many of us can't afford it. 

How To Find Missing Drivers For Free ?

Just go to DriverIdentifier. which provides a free software which helps us to find missing drivers and driver updates for our windows system. The software scans our computer for all installed hardwares and generates a web page with all our driver updates listed

Follow my step by step guide:

  • Visit Driver Identifier website and download the software.
  • Install and run the DI software.
  • After opening the software, Click 'Scan Drivers'.
  • The software will start to scan for installed hardware and finding updates. (You need an active internet connection)
  • A new webpage will open with all your driver updates listed.
  • Click on the drivers you want to install or update.
  • Done.
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