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How to Access Google Docs files without internet connection.

How to Access Google Docs files without internet connection

It is a normal thing to save notepad,word, excel or powerpoint files in Google docs. Whenever internet is available these files can be accessed by doing login to Google docs panel.But what you do when you have no internet connection?Or your internet stopped working due to some network problems.In that case you are not 
able to read these files.To resolve this problem Google provides a service known as "TakeOut".With the help of this service you can  save your all Google docs files in one Zip file This can be done by 
just clicking on one button.After this you can save these files in  whatever extension  you want.A Simple process is given below by which you can do it.

Export Google Docs

1.For this first of all go to the link given below:

2.After this you have to login to your Gmail account.

3.Now choose Google docs service and than click on create 
archive button.

4.In this way it will save your Google docs files in one zip file.

5.If you want than you can save your file in popular extensions
Like excel,word or powerpoint or you can make  pdf also.

6.Instead of this,these files can be opened in open office service.  

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China Mobile PC Suite.(connect any china mobile model with your PC)

Free Download China Mobile PC Suite

I have never heard about China Mobile PC Suite before.There is PC suite works on all versions of windows including
 vista and of-curse windows 7 . It also includes drivers for COM ports, you can use this to transfer files, messages, contacts etc.  

Below is the Steps to Install And How To connect Pc Suite 

1) First of all download this software from here: Click to download
2) Now Install China Pc Suite.
3) Connect mobile phone to pc. Select Com from three options display on the phone. Windows will ask to install. Install driver. If required, pont to .inf file.(Drivers Included).
4) Now it is ready to connect phone to PC. Get help from the help icon of PC suite.

1. Copy the driver in to the main installation folder
2. Then run setup.exe and its done
Driver folder is included if you get any error you might not have copied driver folder to the original setup folder.
Now Just enjoy it and don't forget to comment . :) 
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