Sunday, January 16, 2011

problem in detecting CD/DVD-drive on your PC?

perfect solution is given here,first check the hardware drivers are properly installed or not,then check for driver corruption if drivers for that device is properly installed check the following path MY COMPUTER->PROPERTIES->DEVICE MANAGER->CLICK ON EXPLORER BUTTONS FOR REMOVABLE DRIVES

if there is red cross marker available which means your CD/DVD drive is disabled by administrator , so right click in it and select the ENABLE option

now your drive can visible in y computer window

further your problem not solved!! open the CPU cabinet check the two cable connection related to you drive one is carry data from mother-board and other one is from SMPS check the mycomputer window after rebooting the PC ,

you can also change the setting from BIOS setting to enable the drive

till all things your problem not solved then change the hardware


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