Saturday, January 22, 2011

Want to CracK BIOS Password ??????

CracK BIOS Password
1. Open the CPU
2. Observe the Motherbord
3. Remove the Silver Battery(3v)
4. Wait 2 minutes and place the Battry

*this trick applicable for desktop computers

for laptop/notebooks all the screw of back panel
2.remove battery compartment cpu fan cover
4.then open HDD cover and carefully remove HDD
5.then remove screw below at LCD/LED Screen
6.Remove the front panel of power on/off switch
7.then open the screws of keyboard.
8.remove LCD and keyboard from removable slots
9.after completing all above tasks now your motherboard becomes free from dvices
10.then take it out from laptop body and you'll find the small li-ion battery(3volt)
11.remove that battery then re-fit to it
12.then carefully one by one joint all compartments & units are which are removed
*handle carefully all components of laptop otherwise it may be unusable or put in critical conditiion



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